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IFLA Africa

IFLA AFRICA is a body representing landscape architects across Africa. It is one of five regions associated with the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA). IFLA AFRICA currently comprises eight Member Associations: 

South Africa (ILASA)
Nigeria (SLAN)
Kenya (LAAK)
Malawi (MILA)
Morocco (AAPM)
Tunisia (TALAE)
Botswana (LAAB)
Egypt (ESLA)

It is supports landscape architects in several other African countries applying for individual membership of IFLA. At the 2023 World Council meeting in Nairobi, Kenya, the Egyptian Society of Landscape Architects (ESLA) was admitted as a full National Member Association of IFLA.

IFLA Africa Executive Committee
President: Graham Young (South Africa)
Secretary General: Amos Alao: (Nigeria)
Treasurer: Finzi Saidi (South Africa)
Chair for Communications and External Relations (CER): Tobiloba Akibo (Nigeria)
Chair for Education and Academic Affairs (EAA): Goabamang Lethugile (Botswana)
Chair for Professional Practice and Policy Brenda Kamande: (PPP) (Kenya)
Immediate Past President: Carey Duncan (Morocco)

History of IFLA AfriCA

IFLA Africa Newsletter

Previous and current issues of the IFLA Africa Newsletter are available on the IFLA World website. News and articles related to the activities of IFLA Africa can be sent to:

IFLA Africa, Chair of the Communications and External Relations Committee (CER), email: iflaafrica@gmail.com

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African Landscape Convention

The African Landscape Convention is the IFLA Africa Region’s declaration of fundamental principles to support the active stewardship of, advocacy for, enhancement and regeneration of the African landscape. It offers a set of guiding principles and a frame of reference to inform decision-makers about a broad range of landscape matters; it enables planning and design disciplines, government agencies, departments, and other concerned stakeholders to cooperate on the processes of development and change. Adopt the African Landscape Convention by sending an email address to The Editor, AJLA, email address: ajla@iflaworld.org.

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